Attention All Car Owners

When Your Car Battery Runs Down And Refuse To Start Your Car, This Powerful Device Will Help you JumpStart Your Car Effortlessly… So You Never Get Stranded On The Road Again.

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Dear Car Owner,

I know how frustrating it can be when you want to start your car but find out that your battery has run down and can’t start your car again until you charge it.

So most times it leaves you stranded on the road with nowhere to get (or hire) any battery to use and start your car

Sometimes it happens at night when you went to a very far place and towards night, you enter your car to go home only to become stranded because your car can’t stand

It has happened to me countless times and I was only left stranded with nothing to do

Especially when it happens far from where you can get another battery

Here are my two worst experiences

9 Months ago, I wanted to go to a business meeting in another state different from mine

The meeting was scheduled by 12pm prompt

I knew it will take me 3-4 hours to drive to the meeting venue so I wanted to move by 8am in the morning.

I wanted to start my car and noticed that the battery have was down

I tried and tried all to no avail

And unfortunately, you can get another battery where I live easily

For you to get another battery, it will take you another 1:25 minutes to go to the where you can hire one.

So I decided to go the meeting by a commercial bus

It took almost one hour to gather passengers.

To cut the story short, I was one hour late to the meeting and was seriously penalized for that

Not just that I have repeatedly had cases like this until I discovered this powerful device that can help me start my car anytime my battery is down

With this device, I don’t need to hire any battery or beg anyone for battery

I just connect the device to my battery head and boom my car will start immediately

Watch this video below to see how easy it is to use it and how it will also save you from lots of frustration because you will never be stranded on the road

Also save you money because you will no longer need to hire any battery from anywhere

And the best part is that this device is very affordable

It cost just N55, 000 to get it which is NBOTHING compared to the time, and frustration it will save you

Again, you only buy it ONCE but you use it for a LIFETIME

The sweetest part is that right now we are doing a special EMBER season promo so you can get this device for just N40, 000 only instead of the normal N55, 000 that we usually sell it

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And you also get FREE Delivery to your location

And Payment method is 100% safe because you only pay when this product has been delivered to you.

You can test the product before paying and if it doesn’t fulfil the promise we made, you are FREE to reject the product right at the point of delivery.

We sell 100% genuine and real product not some fake ones

Here is the packages we have and our promo prices for each


  • One Pack of jumpstart
  •  One   Car jump starter    
  • One phone charger
  • One Ac Power Adapter

One Car Charger

One Battery clip

One Laptop charger plug

One Home Adapter

User manual (English )  

The tool Box


Two Car Jump starter


Two phone chargers

Two Ac Power Adapters

Two Car Chargers

Two Battery clips

Two Laptop charger plugs

Two Home Adapters

Two User manuals (English)  

The tool Box

Promo price N75, 000 + FREE Delivery

How to Order our car jump starter

Step 1: Fill The Form Below with your correct details

We will call you to confirm your order and deliver the product in 24-48hours

Please make sure your phone number is correct

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We are giving you one full year guarantee which means that if the product have any fault or spoil within one year, you can call us to repair it or we replace it with another one for you

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about

We have got you covered

If you have any question, call us on 090

Place your order right now so you can get it at the promo price before the price jumps up

Once the countdown hit zero, the price will increase to N55,000 per one car jump starter pack.

Here is what other customers who have used our products has to say about it


This device is absolutely a must have for any car owner

I can’t imagine the kind of frustration this tiny device has saved me

Mrs Angela Ugwu

FCT Abuja


I recommend it for any car owner

It’s portable and durable

Joseph Odo

Lagos state Nigeria


I love how easy it is to use this car jumpstarter

I don’t regret buying it and I also got it in less than 48 hours safe and in perfect condition


Ogun State


The product came in exactly as described

It’s portable, durable and I have been using it ever since 4 months ago

I will update my review if anything happens

Thomas Emeka

Anambra State Nigeria


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